Everyone actually loves March best, they just don't know it yet.
  1. The weather noticeably improves 🌨💨💐
    Arguably the only month that this happens. March usually starts out like a nightmare with remnants of winter storms, but by the end of the month, it's spring af. March is the month when you can finally put away your windshield scrapers and parkas, but don't have to worry about wearing shorts or bathing suits. Aka the perfect climate. Objectively, April and May are better weather, but you don't get the stark contrast between hell winter and mild spring
  2. (Used to be) The start of the new year 🗓
    Mostly because of the weather thing I mentioned. But even though it's officially the third month, March is when the year really gets into gear. January still feels like gray area because everyone is still #NewYearNewMe and writing the previous year on everything, and February is fake (I mean what even is a leap year???). Why is February only 28 days? Because nobody could wait to get to March so they got impatient and started it early. Duh.
  3. National Women's History Month 🚺
    YEAH IT IS!!!!! Plus we also have International Women's Day on the 8th! What a gr8 month for ladies!!!!!!!
  4. March Madness 🏀
    Aka the absolute peak of college athletics. College football is fine and people get weirdly into it, but NOTHING brings the country together like the March Madness tournament.
  5. St. Patrick's Day 🇮🇪🍀🍻
    One of the few holidays that everyone can celebrate. What a warm and happy holiday??? I'm sorry but who doesn't love St Paddys Day? You're either drunk and celebrating the terribly commercialized American version of Irish culture, or you're taking part in the quieter, more religious celebrations like going to mass or climbing Croagh Padraig. Either way, you can be Irish for the day if you so wish
  6. The last month before wedding season starts 👰🏾
    Aka the last few free weekends you don't have to write a Mr & Mrs check, squeeze yourself into Spanx, and dance with your friend's new husband's second cousin who is the only other single person at the wedding. After March, your calendar is a minefield until after Labor Day.
  7. Purim ✡
    I don't know a ton about this holiday but it sounds cool as shit (a festival celebrating salvation??? I mean come on) and it deserves a spot on this list
  8. Irish American Heritage Month 🇮🇪
    (DISCLAIMER: this honestly should be fake as fuck because white people don't need a history month lmao but still, it exists so.) 34 million Americans, or 11% of the population, claim to have some Irish ancestry (which is hilarious because there are only 6 million people living in Ireland but that 19th century diaspora was reeeeal), which makes Irish Americans the second largest ethnic group, behind German Americans. JUST SOME COOL STATS FOR Y'ALL.
  9. It's my birth month ♓️♓️♓️♓️