@daniellesmale STOP THIS & @shacara_shacara PLEASE STOP SAYING both have pointed out the detrimental effects of casually misusing language referring to actual mental disorders. Since then I've been trying to eliminate crazy from my vocab and come up with synonyms that convey what I actually mean
  1. Unbelievable
    Instead of "omg it's so crazy that X happened"
  2. Wild
    Instead of "omg that's insane, I can't imagine"
  3. Passionate
    Instead of "she's a crazy Matty Healy apologist"
  4. Unreasonable
    Instead of "you're being crazy right now"
  5. Frenetic
    Instead of "I've been running around like a crazy person all day"
  6. Enthusiastic
    Instead of "he's a crazy football fan"
  7. Extremely
    Instead of "I'm insanely busy"
  8. Ridiculous
    Pretty spot on replacement for the ways I typically use crazy/insane ("Traffic was ridiculous," "I have a ridiculous number of papers to grade", etc.)
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  9. Obnoxious
    Instead of calling annoying people or situations crazy
    Suggested by @hugothecat