No one let me throw these in college for good reason but now I'm an adult of means and I can't promise anything
  1. Worst Cake
    Everyone brings a store bought cake with the worst inscription they can think of
  2. Red White and Drunk
    I wanted this when I got back from Ireland and my friends gently prevented me from becoming a stereotype
  3. '80s Themed
    Except we all dress up like any decade except the 1980s (i.e.: 1880s, 1580s, 2180s, etc)
  4. Heritage Potluck
    Only me and my friend who makes dope pierogis were excited about this one (also we all lived in dorms)
  5. Spandex Ballet
    Supposed to be like Spandau Ballet but we all wore spandex and listened to synth pop and okay this one was dumb but I just wanted to drink and wear spandex
  6. I'm sure there will be more