Inspired by @nathanveshecco // hopefully this gets y'all to stop calling me cool. These are all from my friends, family, and coworkers. (Don't worry, I know I'm still great)
  1. "She's obsessed with the Titanic and brings it up as often as she can"
    This is true but like, the Titanic was such a defining event in the global landscape and it's so fascinating???? AMA
  2. "She is on first name basis with Fifth Harmony"
    Okay but this is actually cool, I'm not ashamed of this
  3. "Okay but you have seen them in concert a billion times. That's weird"
    It's actually only 13 but I get the point
  4. "She's currently listening to Britney Spears's 'Bombastic Love' on repeat"
    This was true at the time
  5. "She makes detailed spreadsheets of her favorite songs/albums for no reason other than she just feels like it"
    I have no defense for this other than it was all preparation for list app
  6. "She comes into work with wet hair literally every day"
    Live n let live
  7. "She drinks cranberry and Jameson, and offers to let the bartenders try it if they mention that it sounds gross"
    Just trying to be polite!!!!!!
  8. "She calls her dog her significant other"
    As a joke, I swear
  9. "She constantly says she's on an extended rumspringa"
    I guess this joke isn't funny anymore
  10. "She once tried to highlight her own hair in 6th grade and it turned out like weird kinda blonde leopard spots"
    It was terrible.
  11. "She streams TV shows on her phone under her computer at work and thinks no one notices"