DID YOU MISS US? Life has finally settled down (jk) for your two fave co-hosts so we are dusting off our Google doc and getting down to business. The next episode of ALL CAPS with Kate & @brimattia will be our inaugural CAPS CHAT™ episode, during which we'll revisit some past topics, yell about current events, and 🎉answer your burning qs!🎉
  1. Send us your questions, comments, concerns, feedback, topics you'd like to hear us cover, and of course, any misplaced anger!
    We are women on the Internet after all.
  2. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:
  3. Pop culture
  4. Bands formed by Simon Cowell on The X Factor (UK/USA) between 2010-2012
  5. Advice that could have come from your well-meaning aunt
  6. Long distance podcasting logistics
  7. Conspiracy theories
  8. Niall Horan's snack habits
  9. Trivia about any Disney Channel star from 2002-2009
  10. Whether or not you should own a dog
  11. Jack Whitehall's stance on throw pillows
  12. The subtext of any song written by Matty Healy
  13. The only topic that is off-limits is the contents of our Twitter DMs
    Mostly because it's just us talking about how funny we are
  14. 💯✨💯✨💯✨💯✨💯✨💯✨💯✨
  15. Should I get a dog?
    How?-What type of rescue? Bring my kid, right? Bring my lazy fat cat? An older dog? When?- my kid is almost 5, too soon or perfect age? Crate?-Id rather not? Advice? Help!
    Suggested by @shanaz
  16. What's it like to have a close knit friendship that spans a nation?
    Suggested by @drugs
  17. Would you have sex with the guy who played the first dumbledore?
    Suggested by @drugs
  18. What does Niall snack on????
    Suggested by @drugs
  19. Little White Lies
    If this room was burning, would you even notice?
    Suggested by @drugs
  20. What is the wackiest conspiracy theory each of you has ever heard, and which conspiracy theory do you kinda sorta low-key believe?
    Suggested by @joemurphy
  21. Who would you be on Game of Thrones?
    Suggested by @joemurphy
  22. If you could take over Dennis Flynn's Li.st account, what list would you make? It still has to be a thoughts-of list because #brandingonpoint.
    Suggested by @joemurphy
  23. If you had to assign a breed of dog to all 5 OG 1D members, what would each be?
    Suggested by @michael_circa91
  24. What did ELLIE GOULDING ever do to you?
    Suggested by @michael_circa91
  25. Taron Egerton's finest assets?
    Suggested by @michael_circa91
  26. I've been thinking a lot about Zoey 101 recently. Do y'all remember that bs video they put out last year where it was like ooooh what did zoey say in the time capsule but like it was totally bs. Also are Zoey and Chase just Lizzie and Gordo 2.0? That theme song was my jaaammmm tho.
    Suggested by @brynelle
  27. Have y'all heard all the marina Joyce conspiracies from this week???
    I went down the rabbit hole last night and it was WILD.
    Suggested by @brynelle
  28. What's something they don't tell you about living in LA?
    Suggested by @ItsKP
  29. Why haven't I cornered the market for matching dog and owner outfits?
    It is said that some people look like their dog, so why not dress alike? After scouring the Internet, I haven't found a product where I can dress like my dog. This is how I'm going to be a millionaire.
    Suggested by @KristinPaul10
  30. If you could move a Pittsburgh novelty to LA what would it be?
    Besides the Paul sisters of course
    Suggested by @kasepaul
  31. Cartoon men you would fuck and why
    or women, hey it's the 90's
    Suggested by @stevecady
  32. Subtweets you have actually tweeted
    Suggested by @stevecady
  33. 5 non-problematic things about the movie What Women Want
    Suggested by @stevecady
  34. What Bill Murray probably said to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost in Translation
    Suggested by @stevecady
  35. The worst song by your favorite "rock band" in the world
    criteria for "rock band" is: members over the age of 25, non-boy band, non-girl group, non pop solo artist
    Suggested by @stevecady
  36. The worst thing your parents have witnessed you doing
    ;) ;) ;)
    Suggested by @stevecady