Inspired by lotsa
  1. Saving money
  2. Driving below the speed limit
  3. Gambling
  4. Remembering my dreams in the morning
  5. Seeing over/in a large crowd
  6. Knowing the symbolism in a song
  7. Keeping a shirt clean
  8. What did I wear yesterday?
  9. Shaving my legs more than 2x/week
  10. Keeping up with Title Waves
  11. Keeping the house clean >3days
    I hear the kids won't remember what it was like right? No need to spend time on it then😬
  12. Preparing a full on meal every night of the work week
  13. Apparently remembering the names and faces of many high school classmates at my 20 year reunion
  14. Binge watching a show
    Can't just sit a watch a show for 3+ hours. It's boring to me. Even if I 😍 the show.
  15. Doing any amount of self reflecting
    That's why I'm a week late on this🤓