Inspired by @joemurphy @BWN_7 @jennifergster @ease
  1. French braids
  2. Cooking bacon
  3. Watching 5 seconds of a Seinfeld episode and knowing what it's about
  4. Talking to people I don't know
  5. Making the bed
    Don't do this everyday though
  6. At a traffic light, getting into the lane that does not have a school bus, dump truck or other large vehicle
  7. Hollering at my children when they are too much and I can't take it
    I'm not good at & need to work on counting to 10
  8. Stating the obvious
    Boy, it sure is humid today.
  9. Making breakfast for dinner
  10. Typing
    I really just like the clicking noise
  11. Trimming the trees, bushes
  12. Stalking the Clearance areas at Target
  13. Swimming
  14. Telling mrzinker stories that make him nervous.
    Have you ever noticed........*freaks out *notices what? Is there a scratch on the car? WHAT IS GOING ON??? ..... how they trimmed those trees over on that lot? Looks like they're going to start building.
  15. Painting my own nails