1. Friday and Saturday nights were at Pensacola Beach
    The weather was friggin hot and humid like you're sitting in a hot tub
  2. Friday
    Was a meet and greet at a place called Flounders
  3. Saturday was on the beach at a place called Hemingways
  4. We were at the downstairs outside bar.
  5. Look how pretty it was! Did I mention this is Florida?
    8pm and it was still 85-90degrees. The building was blocking any amount of air that thought of blowing by.
  6. There were a few roaches.
    They could fly. And were the size- width and length of an adult's thumb. Cause it's Florida. And that's how we roll.
  7. In a class of 320 students, 40-50 classmates were there.
    Maybe next time it would be fun to join up with other classes?
  8. The guy on the left is my twin brother, Bart.
    He was my +1. I bought our tix and he paid the babysitter Friday and Saturday nights. The guy in the middle is our friend. My hubs wasn't able to go.
  9. Many people I did not recognize.
    And it made me feel better that in talking with others- they didn't recognize people either.
  10. Me- mouths/ whispers who is that?
  11. One girl in high school had long dirty blond hair.
    Now it is short and black. Throw me a bone. How am I supposed to recognize that?
  12. One classmate has been on HGTV
    She works with Mike Holmes - her company does all the install, painting and whatnot.
  13. One classmate is a male dancer
    His girlfriend is some sort of Eastern European. She was tall with long blond hair. Basically a life size Barbie doll. I mean that in the nicest way possible- she was gorgeous. She wore a romper/onesie similar to this & when she leaned over at the bar- dear reader, not much was left to the imagination😉
    *Said in this style* the weekend was a blast. I loved catching up with my peeps I haven't seen for so long.
  15. No one looked like they were edging up on 40 years old.
  16. All in all *heat and roaches aside* glad I went. Was so much fun!