1. Team Name- Balls to the Walls
  2. I'm late to the draft, but these players are going to kick your a$$
  3. Julia Roberts
    If she misses the ball, you know she'll catch it with her mouth. Just look at her. Plus with 3 kids she knows how to play ball
  4. Prince Harry
    He's always playing cricket and polo. He's got to be super athletic. Plus he'll be the comedic relief. He won't care about Sofia Vergara bc he's probably always got girls all over him.
  5. Christian Bale
    He can gain muscle in a month. Did you ever see Batman? Also he seems like he gets mad easy.
  6. Christine Taylor
    She's the captain. Nothing else to say. You've seen her body of work.
  7. David Beckham
    Alternate- he is aggressive. This blood shows me he's scrappy and won't care about hitting Dr. Ruth. He already gets enough sex.