1. My folks were happily married 32 years.
  2. My Dad passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack at 54. List for this at another time.
  3. So my mom has lived by herself for 13 years.
  4. She slept with our black lab Bowser for several years. Now she has 3 cats to keep her company.
  5. Last May she ran into an old friend while helping at the church fish fry. We've known him and his family for 30 years.
  6. They talked for a while, and he called her the next day.
  7. He asked her to get coffee.
  8. My mom said hey! Why just get coffee? Let's get dinner!
  9. They were at dinner for like 3 hours and that's all she wrote. They been together ever since.
  10. Hes 13 years younger and I had to explain to her what a cougar is.
  11. Not going to lie though- it was hard to see them together at first. LOTS OF PDA.
  12. I think one reason it was hard is bc she and my dad had 0 PDA. So in my head I'm like what was wrong with dad? But I know she and guy have only been together a short time. It's new and fun still.
  13. Like when Monica and Chandler were getting married and Mon got upset bc she'd never have another first kiss with someone. Or something like that.
  14. The PDA has gotten better now that they've been together almost a year. Better as in not as much of it- at least in front of us.
  15. In my moms words, he is extravagant with compliments. He buys her flowers and mails cards to her when she is out of town.
  16. I'm glad to see her so happy. I know that it must have been lonely to live by herself for so long. Basically if she's happy then I'm happy.