Thanks @ayk for the request
  1. Have back
    The last summer we spent with my dad. My husband and I were in Pensacola for a week. Then a couple weeks later my mom and dad came to visit. 14 years later I can picture dad and mom driving away and out of view. I wish that summer we could have spent more time together. And just do whatever he wanted. He loved sailing and sometimes it felt like a chore to me. If I could go back we would sail 24/7. Jealous much of that mustache?
  2. Last forever
    Laying in bed with my daughters snuggling. I know they won't always want to have tickle fights.
  3. Last forever
    One of my fav things to do is go to the beach for sunset. We get Subway for din and chill. Makes me feel like I'm on vacay
  4. Last forever
    The first week of school when the kids are shy and don't talk a lot and want to make a good impression.
  5. Last forever
    The week before our wedding was so much fun. All our families - aunts. Uncles. Grandparents- all together hanging out talking and eating watermelon. Just loved it.
  6. Last forever
    In 2004 hubs and I took a 3 weeker to Europe. Best time of our lives. Before kids and not a care in the world.
  7. Last forever
    Friday nights. Back porch. Glass of wine. Nothing to do. Don't get me wrong there is always plenty to do, but right now there is nothing.