1. I thought this would be a cool list request. Do you have any advice for this year's seniors?
  2. A word of advice you wish you knew then?
  3. Anything you wish you had done differently?
  4. Or maybe a fun story from Grad Night?🗞 pretend that's a diploma
  5. Here you are at the edge of adulthood.
  6. You are ready to take some big steps in the next few months.
  7. Soak everything in.
  8. I want you to enjoy every little ounce of whatever you do.
  9. Love the events- pep rallies. Sports. Clubs. Hanging out. Prom. Grad night.
  10. Keep a journal so you don't forget. As good as your memory is now, it will fade in the future.
  12. Live it up with the time you have with your friends.
  13. You won't have life this easy - this carefree ever again.
  14. But please- love love love and look forward to the time with your family.
  15. What I would give for us to all be together again.
  16. I know it isn't the most fun thing in the world to hang with your mom and/or dad but in a few years you may wish you could be with them more.
  17. In high school I wished time to go faster.
  18. Somewhere along the way, i got my wish. Now it's going too fast.
  19. Don't be concerned with what's next.
  20. I know it is natural to look forward to and think about the future but fight that feeling.
  21. Enjoy what is happening in this minute.
  22. **Please note I understand life is not peachy keen for everyone. Maybe what's next is an escape for you. I mean no offense if this is not an easy time for you. I hope the next chapter will be better💙
  23. Good luck to you and don't worry about tomorrow. Tomorrows got enough worries for itself.
  24. What's comin will come and we'll meet it when it does. ~Hagrid