1. Jimmy Kimmel was driven to the show in a white Bronco OJ style.
  2. He said he had to get there quick or they were going to have Tom Bergeron host😂
  3. The Bronco dropped him off in the middle of the road and the Dunphy Family picked him up.
  4. Phil let off a stink bomb and James Corden picked him up.
  5. They sang Wake me Up Before you Go Go and did a Wham bit
  6. Corden got bothered and dropped him off.
  7. So a Presidential limo came by and Veep was there Julia LD. He got in the front seat and Jeb Bush was the chauffeur.
  8. Jeb said he was making extra money as an Uber driver. He made Jimmy get out and said JEB EXCLAMATION POINT as he drove away
  9. Then the Game of Thrones dragon picked him up. And the pretty girl with blonde hair.
    I've never seen GOT but if I cared I would look up her name. I don't.
  10. In his monologue Jimmy pointed to the one person whose fault it is we have Donald Trump.
  11. If the wall gets built, Mark will be the first person we throw over it😂
  12. Sara Paulson got the Plus 1 Award. She brought Marcia Clark after playing Marcia Clark.
  13. Jimmy wanted to know if it was hard for Marcia to root for OJ to win this time 😂