That's short for Entertainment Weekly. Not eww as in gross. Just so we're on the same page. Pun not intended 😂😂
  1. Weekend fun reading. Just got this in the mail📬
  2. Can they be any cuter??
  3. Nailed it, Conan
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  15. Not the whole article- it's like 6 pages. Didn't know if anyone would read it. Let me know and I'll add it in.
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  19. There's another page of characters who are back. Like 15 more. Including Paul Anka🐶
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  22. And then there's a review of each season highs
  23. No Suki. Melissa McCarthy said they haven't invited her. But Amy said they've reached out to her. Amy has a scene in mind and if Melissa can show up they'll have her out in 2 hours. Ooohhhh I hope so!!
  24. So until Fall.