1. I was in the pool! I was in the pool!
  2. You mean it shrinks?
  3. Like a frightened turtle
  4. I don't know how you guys walk around with those things.
  5. We had lobster bisque. Yada yada yada he drove me home.
  6. But you yada yada yadad over the best part.
  7. No I mentioned the bisque.
  8. The sea was angry that day my friends. Like an old man sending soup back at a deli.
  9. And you wanted to be my latex salesman
  10. There are so so so many to choose from, so I will submit my current wallpaper and get back to you
    Suggested by @audreypalumbo
  11. The jerk store called... They're running out of you!
    Suggested by @MatthewAlmont
  12. "He took it out."
    Suggested by @kiraandlulu