Inspired by @micaela
  1. Take a nice long cruise and vacay to Europe.
    This came up when I searched cruise😂😂
  2. A vacation home at the beach
    Must have a pool and fully furnished. Not wasting my time looking for furniture.
  3. Another vacation home somewhere in the mountains
    Carolinas. Colorado. Either one.
  4. Pay off our current home.
    And then move to a bigger one.
  5. Set $ aside for my girls' college education.
    They will of course attend THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY
  6. $ for FSU
    this way they can name that building after me. It's been on their mind for a while to honor their most prestigious Li.ster. Now they can get around to it.
  7. A Honda Pilot
    Don't know why but I sure like these cars
  8. And a small amount for the kids to have a car- when they're old enough.
    Not a Jetta or anything too cool