Inspired by @andersun and @ilana
  1. Salesperson at Gayfers
    This store turned into Dillard's. I worked in Juniors and got cute clothes.
  2. Sales at West Marine
    Boat stuff store
  3. Bagel store on campus
    Not much to say. Made people's lunch.
  4. TCBY
    Ate waayyyy too much yogurt and lots of sprinkles and cookie dough👍🏼
  5. Camp Counselor
    Summer camp in Hendersonville, NC. The most fun job ever. Highly recommend
  6. Collated Bills at Florida Capitol Building
    Worked on the House side with maybe 5-10 other college kids. We walked around tables and collated bills by hand. Easy peasy but fun. Lots of free food and pens and junk from lobbyists.
  7. Staff at Wesley Foundation at college
    Free room and board for helping out. Lots of fun!