It should be noted we are on a wave when we drive by basis and do not know their names. These are from the same neighbor and now have a place in my home🏡
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    Passed on an antique wooden dresser. There were roaches in the drawers. That's a hard no. In looking back maybe could have kicked the roaches out, but I really have 0 interest in them😣
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    Metal star
    It used to be a barn red color.
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    Window pane
    Was barn red and had antique quilt squares in it. Had it hanging that way for a while and then upgraded to this.
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    Everything else I have found was sitting outside the can on the ground, but not this girl. I don't generally open the trash can but they had some good stuff (the metal star and window pane) this day. I couldn't help but wonder why the trash can was overflowing. I washed this and it's fine. Really, it's ok. How could I let this pretty little lady go to the landfill? Would you?
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    Passed on an antique wooden round dining table. Mr wouldn't help me bring it over. I still kick myself for not getting another neighbor- who's name I do know- to help me.
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    Had a weird black plastic film/wrapping on the wood. Took that off.
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    This thing
    I don't remember what it used to have on it- country berries or some such trash. Not sold on the starfish but not sure what else to do.
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    Daughter needed a desk and Mr helped bring it over. I took out the keyboard tray and the CPU tower rack. Several stains and the fake wood paper was coming off. Sanded those parts off and covered the whole thing with contact paper.
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    Drop leaf table
    This is my newest score- just last week! There were a few stains on it, so I sanded it down. Then painted it and lightly sanded it again. 💙
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    There are many weeks and months that go by where there is nothing at their house but the trash cans. I don't go over then. But other weeks I look over and spot gold like this. Makes the long wait worth it💃🏻💃🏻