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    Hi I'm Maggie - short for Margaret.
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    My mom and dad were visiting family in Iowa and got me at a shelter. There was a pen for each dog and the dogs could go in and out.
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    Whenever anyone came through to look at adopting dogs, I would come out and see what all the commotion was about. Then I would just turn around and go back outside.
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    You see u was a stray. A farmer found me in his cornfield and brought me here. That had been 3-4 months ago.
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    So after 3-4 months of people coming through I had learned they weren't looking at me.
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    Then one day this new couple came in. They brought me out and we got to sit together on a couch. Later they took me to run around outside. I did my best to play and show off.
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    Well it worked. They 💜me. They were able to get me the next day.
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    The only thing is 30 min after bringing me home, they left to run an errand and I couldn't go with. I was whining and scratching at the door the whole time.
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    I said, I know I just met you but I love you.
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    So they took me home to Florida and we had great walks along the golf course where we lived. Sometimes at night they would let me choose where we walked. Those nights were called Maggie's choice. We just walked wherever my nose led.
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    2 years later they had a baby. I know they gave me as much attention as they could but I do still remember the good ol days.
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    Now I'm an old girl. Prob around 14-15 years old.
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    I am fussy about eating. Whenever someone walks in the door, I think that means I need to eat. Sometimes they try to trick me with green beans but I am not fooled. I want real food. I overheard the vet tell them to give me green beans after I've already eaten. I am not fooled.
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    I still like walks but have a hard time walking around the block without falling behind. And in the morning before leaving for the day, my mom lays on the floor with me and gives me some good snuggles.
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    They got a puppy a couple years ago. Her name is Winnie. Sometimes she gets me to play with her and I jump around just like I used to.
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    I need a haircut here.
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    Here you can see I'm a full figured girl. Like i said before- I like to eat.
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    This is me with Winnie.
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