1. Hi guys My name is Winnie. I have big ears.
  2. I am a 3 years old. A Dorkie. That's a Dachshund Yorkie.
  3. All of the other puppies were chosen before me, but I didn't give up. I knew someone would come get me.
  4. I was the smallest in my litter and for some reason was born with no tail. See how cute I was?
  5. I have a good big sis- Maggie. She likes to take care of me. I lay down right in front of her and she licks me all over my stomach. Sometimes she is sleeping and kind of growls at me. But I know she likes it bc she wakes up and licks me!
  6. Maggie is a lot older than me and can be pretty crabby pants. I have to make sure to eat my food super quick or Maggie will bully me and eat my food.
  7. I like to take naps on the back of the couch. This helps me see out the window. I can also see when I get up in the cat tower.
  8. At night I sleep on mom and dads bed. I burrow right down under the covers. This way the second moms alarm goes off in the morning, I am right there to make sure she gets up to take me outside.
  9. I am excellent watchdog. My stupid neighbor - 3 doors away, can't even come out of his garage to mow the lawn without me keeping a close eye on him. I like to bark and bark and bark to make sure he knows I see him. And that goes for any poor bastard walking by.
  10. I love car rides. One time we stopped at McDonald's for ice cream. There was s squirrel in the grass near by. Do you know I jumped right out the window to hunt that squirrel? Didn't catch it. Mom caught me first.
  11. Hanging at the beach
  12. My Halloween costume
  13. BYE