1. Uno- if you lay Draw Two, the next player can play a Draw Two. Then it becomes Draw Four. Unless the next player has one. Etc...
    lol this is the picture that came up
  2. Clue- not only can you travel (without rolling and counting spaces) speedy quick from diagonal corner rooms, you also go from directly across rooms
  3. Uno- our deck came with blank cards. I guess like if you lose a card. We use those for Draw Eight.
  4. What are the rules for your house?
  5. Grandma made us pay the person if we landed on their spot, even if they didn't notice.
    So we waited until she went to bed to play.
    Suggested by @supabg
  6. Pregnant people can use pickle juice for drinking games. You can let mom shuffle BUT you have to deal yourself. If you hold your cards so people can see them, you get what you get.
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  7. My dad, sister, and I are cutthroat when it comes to Monopoly, and that started at a young age. My mom's rule was that all deals made had to be fair.
    She was worried my dad would force us to make deals we didn't want or would take advantage of our supposed naïveté about such matters because she didn't yet know how strong-willed and savvy we were. Eventually she stopped playing because three of use being so ruthless was too much for her. I think my dad was just preparing us for the real world (and I'm making it sound worse then it was. But seriously, don't play with us because you will lose).
    Suggested by @twigvicious
  8. Euchre - Owners of the house get bathtub power.
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  9. Never play with Grand he cheats, And cards against humanity is a adult only game
    Suggested by @elmospimpingme
  10. Great-grandma won at Scrabble. No matter what.
    Yes, she was cheating. You still said nothing.
    Suggested by @StuckOnThe7
  11. Boo Ray. If you accidentally flip a card up while dealing, that's a boo ray and you have to match the pot. No mercy
    Suggested by @jannychan
  12. When we were kids my aunt made up a rule for monopoly that if your dice roll knocked over any of the pieces on the board you had to pay into the pot in the middle (which you won by landing on free parking)
    We became much more careful with our rolls
    Suggested by @annie_teee