Thanks @andersun for asking
  1. Left yesterday 4:30am to beat the traffic. Stayed the night in Montgomery.
    This is the first time we've evacuated. Those 185mph winds don't play.
  2. Now we're headed to Iowa. In laws have a cabin and Mr hasn't been in 4 years. Sooooo we'll be here for 2-3 days. Depending upon what the storm does.
  3. Storm is set to hit sometime Sunday. We'll leave prob Monday am. Since it's a 2 day drive back home. Hard to say.
    The trick is waiting long enough for the gas stations to have gas so we don't run out and then get stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  4. The storm path keeps going back and forth between middle FL and Miami.
  5. I've been watching and they basically have the same info but nhc has the pressure in millibars.
    I'm a bit of a hurricane nerd- I have a tracking chart and teach my students how to track.
  6. You've probably seen but Irma's pressure is in the top 5 most intense US. A storm in the 1930s or late 1890s had pressure in the upper 880mb
  7. I like Wunderground bc it has the spaghetti models.
  8. Here's little Winnifred- Winnie.
  9. Maggie sleeps on the floor in the backseat. She's quite elderly and has a hard time getting around. We pick her up to get her in and out of the car.
  10. Currently Agatha. Have already read through 2 Entertainment Weeklys and HGTV mag. Also took a turn driving.
  11. Read Wikipedia plot summary for It since I will not be watching the movie. Still waiting to read mother! but hasn't been posted.
  12. Lots of radio. Podcasts, etc....
    Scouring @BWN_7 podcast lists for ideas.
  13. We bought a new DVD player this am. The old one quit yesterday. Mr thought it was time for the children to learn how to be bored. I strongly disagreed.
  14. Tomorrow we'll walk around the lake- 3 mile route. Then take kayaks out. Mr will study for his last 🤞🏼 CPA exam.
  15. Saturday I want to go with the cousins to the Iowa v. Iowa State football game. We'll see.
  16. Mother in law will plan on having a big bonfire and lots of family.