Inspired by @LizDawson and so many others
  1. I believe that with 2 days of school left
    I am ready to turn this cardigan into a bikini.
  2. I believe I don't understand the fuss with a DH. Have one or don't.
  3. I believe i need more chill when my daughters fuss and whine.
  4. I believe my job gets in the way of my listing habit.
    Thank goodness I've got the summer off.
  5. I believe I want to have a Summer Santa🎅🏻
  6. I believe waterparks are the best kind of parks.
  7. I believe rollercoasters make me dizzy for the following 2 hours.
  8. I believe I will not recognize people at my 20 year reunion this weekend.
  9. I believe I will secretly be glad when I see my classmates and any wrinkles they may have developed in the 20 years since high school.
  10. I believe electric pencil sharpeners and clicking water bottles are 2 of the MOST ANNOYING sounds a teacher can ever hear.
  11. I believe Florida State Seminoles are ready for another football National Championship.
  12. I believe I will be a dork and stop at the FSU bookstore and buy FSU souvenirs when we drive through Tallahassee.
  13. I believe there are too many emojis.
  14. I believe Alf is my favorite alien.
  15. I believe children don't know how to be bored.
  16. I believe Americas Funniest Home Videos is my favorite way to spend Sunday night.
  17. I believe this election year is crazy AF.
  18. I believe once I got going💃🏻 it was hard to stop.