1. Giving my phone number and not the area code at a store or wherever. It should be understood my area code is local if I don't say it.
  2. Not knowing who is calling. Having to pick up the phone and actually talk to the person to know who it is.
  3. Students who took responsibility for their actions. The excuses these parents come up with astound me. Also what parents choose to reward is pure craziness.
  4. Getting actual letters in the mail. Not just bills and other than at Christmas.
    Of course I could write letters. Maybe I would get some back
  5. Not being able to find information in 0.7 seconds.
    Don't get me wrong the ease of what we have is better, I just miss a slower time.
  6. Good TV shows. Not ones that involve how/why someone was murdered.
  7. The good old days when Apple Radio was free and I didn't have to pay for Apple Music. I still don't.
  8. 85 degrees so I can beach it up
  9. Playing neighborhood hide n go seek in the dark.