1. I do not like scary stuff.
  2. I won't even do suspenseful movies. And to clarify- by suspense - I mean Kindergarten Cop.
  3. I seem to be predisposed to not liking suspense.
  4. In 2nd grade we watched The Neverending Story. I got so scared I begged Mrs. Wells to let me leave.
    So instead I got to chill in the principals office with the PRINCIPAL HIMSELF. How cool is that. I still haven't seen that movie. Might be time to give it a shot.
  5. In 4th grade I met The Harris family. They were basically allowed to watch whatever they wanted.
    Stacy, Angie and Amy were near my age.
  6. I saw bits and pieces of
  7. Night of the Living Dead
  8. Friday the Thirteenth
  9. Poltergeist
  10. It was enough to solidify I did not want any part of scary movies.
  11. In college when Scream came out, I waited to watch it in the comfort of my dorm room.
  12. On a Saturday morning. In bed. With the blinds wide open.
  13. I did not see Sixth Sense until it was at the Dollar Theater and I made my best friend tell me everything that happened.
  14. So I already knew the big twist with Bruce Willis.
  15. Today, I get interested in scary movie plots. Just can't watch them.
  16. Can't hear the music.
  17. Can't listen to the screams.
  18. Can't take any part of them.
  19. But you know what I can handle?
  20. Reading about the plot on Wikipedia.
  21. Crazy right?
  22. Like in Harry Potter movies I can read and listen to the books all day long.
  23. But I have yet to watch the movies for books 5-7. They are always scarier and more suspenseful than in my head.
  24. As I read it's always a bright sunny day. Voldemort might say," Hey, you drop that wand!"🌞
  25. The director seems to have a slightly different picture in his/her head. And I can't handle it.