Brought to you by Readers Digest. Let's see how clean we are listers.
  1. Eat food that has fallen into the sink or on the floor?
  2. Skip cleaning your BBQ or the toilet?
  3. Use too little detergent or too much?
  4. Share desodorante (Espanol for deodorant) or a bar of soap?
  5. Reuse a bath towel or a kitchen towel?
  6. Have a cockroach or a fly near your food?
  7. 👌🏼 what did you pick?
  8. I think the sink is gross and would not eat from it😱
  9. Skip cleaning the toilet. Or at least I hope so. Haven't cleaned BBQ in a while.
  10. Too little detergent = less clean right?
  11. Share deodorant. Soap cleans itself.
  12. A towels a towel. I reuse both.
  13. Gotta be the roach right?
  14. Drumroll please
  15. ✅Sink had 18,000 bacteria/sq inch. Good grief man. That's worse than I thought. The floor is 830/sq inch.
  16. ❌The grill may have more than double the bacteria of your toilet seat. See now that's just gross.
    Use an ammonia based cleaner to sanitize before each use. Yes ma'am.
  17. ❌Too much soap can trap dirt in the fabric or promote mold and mildew.
  18. ❌ecoli and staphylococcus have been found on soap bars. Since the bars don't always dry between uses (I think mine does. Does it get wet all the way through to the middle?) bacteria, yeast and fungi can grow.
  19. ❌ wash kitchen towels after each use. 89% kitchen towels carry coliform bacteria and 25% have e. Coli 😱
  20. ❌houseflies are 2x as filthy. Flies carry more disease carrying pathogens and spread them when they fly around.
  21. Huh. Excuse me while I go bleach the house now.