Inspired by @clickhereandsave
  1. Poison Ivy
    My daughter thought every green plant we saw was poison ivy, so I had to show her were good.
  2. FSU football schedule
    We haven't played UNC for 6 years. We're at USF this year- only 2hrs away. Tallahassee is 6 hrs.
  3. How tall is Nick Cannon? Are the Property Brothers?
    These ladies looked so short standing next to him. Nick is 6ft 2 & Brothers are 6ft 5.
  4. How old was Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men?
    30. Demi Moore - 30. Kevin Bacon- 34.
  5. When did Tom Cruise join Scientology?
    28 & it has helped a great deal with his dyslexia.
  6. How much did Kevin Bacon loose with Bernie Madoff?
    Millions- basically their, he and wife's, life savings
  7. Local Waterpark hours.
  8. Why are there long lines at a local discount Pharmacy?
    Every morning there are easily 20 people lined up & they're not dressed for work afterwards. What are they doing? I don't get it. What medicine can 15-20 people need everyday of the week at 7:30am?
  9. Where is Dustin Johnson from?
    He was winning the US Open on Friday. He was born in SC and lives in Jupiter, FL.
  10. The thing with The Grateful Dead and Grilled Cheese
    POLL ISH ANSWERS mentioned Grilled Cheese & tomato soup is a meal I could eat forever. @dad3 suggested I look up the relationship between Dead fans (Deadheads??) and grilled cheese. From what I can gather they were (still are for Phish concerts) sold cheap in the parking lot at concerts. Maybe for $1. There was a real culture of traveling for the concerts and not having a lot of money.