1. What's that? You've never heard of Cabbage Key?
    Just a map I found online. I don't live at Marco Island.
  2. It's named for the Cabbage Palm Tree.
  3. You take a boat to get there.
    Duh- I am a master at stating the obvious
  4. The Captain was chill.
  5. Mangrove Trees
    Grow along Tropical waters and are able to tolerate salt water.
  6. Oh! Why hello there!
    Sure, next time I will give you a call. Thanks for the offer!
  7. I wasn't as chill. He definitely made it look easier than it was!
  8. The people who own the island live here.
  9. This is a restaurant and lodge.
    See how it's up on a hill? It's a Calusa Indian Mound. It's one of the highest points in the county. The highest point? The county landfill😒 there are 0 hills here. Very flat.
  10. This is one of those kind if restaurants that lets people write their name on $ bills and tape to the wall.
  11. Jimmy Buffet
    Rumor is he wrote Cheeseburger in Paradise here or about this place. Probably 15-20 other places make the same claim.
  12. Mark Kirkland
  13. 😍😍😍
  14. After lunch we went up the water tower.
    All these little islands had their own water towers years ago. This is one of the only ones standing after different hurricanes.
  15. Water Tower view
  16. Gopher Tortoises??
  17. This ones name is Speedy.
    His friends Michelangelo, Raphael and company aren't far away.
  18. Many boats stay the night. Lots going on January- Easter.
  19. Quite a bit of traffic when we were done.
  20. Back to the boat.
  21. Just in case
  22. Uh oh
  23. 😱
  24. Can't out run a summer rain.
    Made for a fun rest of the ride- for realz.
  25. There are not many better things about being a kid than not caring that it's raining!
  26. *Edited to include the menu*
  27. Shrimp
  28. I had the Shrimp Deluxe
    💙 peel and eat shrimp
  29. From the grill
    All entrées come with a side of potato salad or cole slaw