1. The beach is probably one of my favorites.
  2. We haven't been since October.
    When I saw it would be 82 today, I said lets go. See all the sailboats? In the summer there's maybe half as many boats there.
  3. Fun stuff on the sand. Didn't see any cool seashells.
  4. We took a friend with. I don't get in until like May/June. Some like it HOT🔥
  5. So I ush hang and sit in my chair for a bit. Then this pretty little lady walked by. I sneakily took a pic to show you @roche I must have learned something from your PI list. I do not have an umbrella like this.
  6. Chilling
  7. Then we go out on the pier. I love all the colors.
  8. This is the other direction. That big green place is always Spring Break central. It's a bit of a dump. But standing room only looks like.
  9. Watching what's going on.
  10. Waiting for fishies 🐟🐡
  11. Getting bored. Please feed me🐠🐬
  12. Someone caught a black tip shark. Just a baby. Obv had to touch it. The pelican wasn't too excited for shark. It's like she knew it wasn't yummy.
    I just love little kid hands.
  13. Then on to Dairy Queen.
    Once we went through the drive through. I ALWAYS get vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. My husband passes me a plain vanilla cone. I said no no that's not mine. He said yes it is. I said I ordered sprinkles and I'm not eating that. He was so embarrassed bc I asked the lady to put sprinkles. She didn't even make us pay which was super cool of her. He thinks I'm super high maintenance. Whatevs.
  14. More swimming and sand castle building. We specialize in drip castles.
  15. Starting to get cloudy and windy. Got a little chilly. Maybe like 78. Hahahaha
  16. This is my beach cart so you can get the full picture of what it takes. It looks worse when I've got the umbrella on it. Didn't need it this time bc it's March. Will begin taking it when it's hotter.