1. James (1817-1901)
  2. James worked in the coal mine in Wales.
    He was nicknamed Sinker, bc he could sink a mine faster than the other miners. Parent of Philip
  3. Philip (1829-1906) and Sarah
    Parent of Caroline
  4. Harry and Caroline
    Born 1862 in Wales. Moved to US 1884. Parent of William
  5. William and Winifred
    Parents of my Grandma Helen
  6. Winifred
    Nickname Winnie. I have a dog named Winnie. Vetoed as a name for my daughters. Everyone in the family loves her hair in this pic.
  7. Grandma Helen second from left and siblings
  8. Jack - middle in pic above
    Grandma Helens brother. He married a lady named Helen.
  9. Grandma Helen
    Dads mother
  10. High School Graduation
    She was a teacher in a one room schoolhouse
  11. Grandpa Jack as a boy
    There were 2 Jack and Helens. They would joke about who was The Real Jack and Helen
  12. At their cottage- Jack and Helen
    Caseville, Michigan. My brother and I stayed here a week each summer. We swam. Watched game shows. Upstairs had a window. At night you could hear the waves from the lake. So peaceful.
  13. Jack's parents: Claude and Wilhelmina
    Nickname Minnie. They owned an ice business.
  14. My dad
  15. Just want to hug and squeeze him he's so cute.
  16. My mom
  17. Don't have as many pictures of moms side
  18. Grandpa Bill
    Mom's Father
  19. Grandpa Bill & Grandma Ruby
    Moms father and mother. Look how he's chill leaning up against the truck. Also I have a cat named Ruby. Name was vetoed for my children.
  20. Early 1980s
    They always had sugar cookies. Grandpas hair was fun to rub. You know those short military cuts? Like that.