1. 1977
    Funny story in early 2000s a friend was dating a girl and they were talking about which movies they'd seen in theater. She said this one. He said- Wait. How old are you? *BC we weren't old enough to see in theater* She told him and he said Oh. She asked is that a problem for you? He said Well I really like being active and being outdoors. Then to us he said I don't want her to break a hip. 😂😂they did not get married. Or last many dates after this😂he's a kooky guy
  2. 1978
    Also Superman. Revenge of Pink Panther.
  3. 1979
  4. 1980
    I did see this one in theater. That snow monster scared me to death. My parent told me to wait out in the theater foyer. By myself. Oh simpler times.
  5. 1981
    Also Chariots of Fire- remember the London Olympic Opening Ceremonies? When Mr. Bean was playing the music and began day dreaming? I show this to my students each year. And Beijing opening.
  6. 1982
    I can quote this movie. Also Tootsie.
  7. 1983
  8. 1984
    My brother and I used to act parts of this out. Also Splash. Karate kid. Sixteen Candles.
  9. 1985
    So many good ones this year. Jewel of the Nile- know by heart also. Goonies- can act out. Clue. Fletch.
  10. 1986
    Hard to choose this year. Also Crocodile Dundee that's not a knife. THIS is a knife. Police Academy 3. Pretty in Pink.
  11. 1987
    Saw this movie over and over. At my friend's house. Also Princess Bride. Planes Trains Automobiles. Can't Buy Me Love.
  12. 1988
    Close here with Great Outdoors and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. May need 1988 own list. Then separate lists for early 80s v late 80s. Also Beetlejuice. Big. Twins. Naked Gun!!!!!
  13. 1989
    Also Christmas Vacation. Honey I Shrunk the Kids.
  14. 1990
    Also Edward Scissorhands. Hunt for Red October.
  15. 1991
    Robin Hood Prince Thieves. Beauty and the Beast. City Slickers.
  16. 1992
    Don't forget Sneakers. Aladdin. Wayne's World. Sister Act.
  17. 1993
    Good year here- Mrs. Doubtfire. So I Married an Ax Murderer. Dave. Grumpy Old Men.
  18. 1994
    And Speed. Maverick. Dumb and Dumber. True Lies. Forrest. Lion King.
  19. 1995
    Clueless. American President.
  20. 1996
    Independence Day. Jerry Maguire. Happy Gilmore.
  21. 1997
  22. 1998
    Truman Show. Mask of Zorro. Wedding Singer.
  23. 1999
    Austin Powers. Noting Hill
  24. 2000
    Best in Show. Meet the Parents.
  25. 2001
    Zoolander. Bridget Jones Diary. Knights Tale.
  26. 2002
    Goldmember Austin Powers. Bourne Identity.
  27. 2003
    Elf. Pirates of Caribbean. LOTR Return of the King
  28. 2004
    Also Anchorman
  29. 2005
    And Hitch. My first kid was born here. Movie time began to dwindle.
  30. 2006
    Don't forget The Queen. Little Miss Sunshine. Flushed Away.
  31. 2007
  32. 2008
    And Tropic Thunder. Mamma Mia.
  33. 2009
    Second child born. Even less time. Still see movies. Just pickier I think.
  34. 2010
  35. 2011
  36. 2012
    Or Hunger Games
  37. 2013 none I guess
    I did read 12 Years a Slave and it is fantastic. Just won't be able to see the movie. If you haven't noticed from my list- I don't like scary movies or torture.
  38. 2014
  39. 2015
  40. 2016 Looking forward to Ghostbusters