Inspired by @sarahgorman This is a list Sarah will request once Kim Kardashian✔️ joins. Y'all- I have been in touch with Kim. She dished with me all about how she feels about her mom's looks💁🏻
  1. Is this a Fruit of the Loom commercial? Please tell me she isn't the new 🍇 character.
  2. Mom's anal balls were meant to stay in her bedside table.
  3. Halloween Haunted house operator.
  4. "Come closer darling. I won't bite."
  5. Mom likes dressing like Kylie but she forgot that she's in menopause
  6. Not her best look here. Honestly she cries all. The. Time.
  7. This is the closest she'll come to a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
  8. Tyra Banks just taught mom how to SMIZE👀
  9. She's looking at Scott here.