1. My husband - Gary- and I met our first day at college.
  2. We were real good friends for 2 years.
  3. Then dated for a year before we got engaged.
  4. My folks knew early on that we were pretty serious.
  5. They asked me to tell them when we were thinking of getting married.
  6. You know- for planning purposes =$$
  7. So after going out for 8ish months, I told my mom that we were starting to talk about getting married.
  8. We happened to go back to my home the following weekend and my parents were super excited.
  9. They had us touring around town looking for reception sites.
  10. By the time we went back to FSU on Sunday, we had a reception site picked out and were looking at menus.
  11. Mind you, Gary hadn't even told his parents.
  12. So that summer I had my dress. The date was chosen. The reception site. Flowers. Cake. ALL WITH NO RING. THATS NO 💍 LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.
  13. When we were back together in August at school, he surprised me with a ring.
    I use surprise loosely. Obvi
  14. We were married a year after choosing the site- June 3, 2000.
  15. And we've never looked back.
  16. We were seriously for real talking about getting married.
  17. But to hear Gary tell it, that weekend with my parents - driving around looking at places- it was just a lot to handle.
  18. So next time you got the guy, try taking him to reception sites and see if that moves things along a bit quicker😂