Fun idea @nathanveshecco
  1. Madonna
    80s/90s Madonna underrated * Modern Madonna overrated Quite honestly I can't think of a current song that she has or even in the last 5 years. Hung Up? Old School Madonna knew what to do.
  2. Going to college- Under
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    I met my husband at college. Also, could not have the job that I have without college. There are lots of people who have gotten great jobs by working their way up the ladder without college, I just think it makes life easier?
  3. Pixar Films- Under
    They don't make bad films. Haven't seen one I didn't like. Plus I like how they show shorts before the movies.
  4. Making Out- Under
    Making out is the best. Plus it leads to other better things.
  5. Family- Under
    Whether it's your real immediate family or a family you have made for yourself, who else is going to stay by your side through everything you get into? These people will be with you no matter what. To laugh. To cry. To just be.