The forts sat in a triangle defending the opening of pensacola bay.
  1. Fort Pickens was active during the Civil War as a Union base. Also Geronimo was held here.
  2. The inside is super pretty and has lots of good photo opps.
  3. Fort Pickens is directly on Pensacola Beach. You can fish, camp, swim, gt the beach here.
  4. One of the only forts in the South to be in control by the Union during Civil War.
  5. #2 is Fort McRee (McCray). It is also on the beach but across the Pensacola Pass opening on Perdido Key.
  6. It was held by Union and Confederate Soldiers at different times. And completely given up in 1862. A bad hurricane took a bit of it down in 1906.
  7. It was left to the elements, as it is only accessible by boat or walking. Now only pieces of it remain.
  8. #3 Fort Barrancas is on a bluff on the mainland at the point of the fort triangle. The Naval Air Station was built around it.
  9. Parts of Fort Barrancas were built in 1698 by Spain. It changed teams several times over the next 150 years. The US added to it in 1829.
  10. The fort saw battle in the Seven Years War, Revolutionary War, and War of 1812. The Union troops left the Fort to Confederate troops and went to Fort Pickens. The Union General thought Pickens would be easier to defend. The Confederate soldiers eventually left Fort Barrancas after the Union took New Orleans.
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