Lookin at and inspired by @jessicaz
  1. Mother of the year right over here
    I am the pro mother you seek. Every mother lovin question you got, I can answer. Or at least I'll give it a shot. Bc that's all we mothers do. We try and see what works.
  2. First off you gotta go in there with a plan.
    Not a guerilla warfare plan but you gotta have shit figured out. Boredom is the enemy.
  3. Be flexible
    There may be things pop up you weren't figuring on. That's what kids do to try and throw you off. It's their gig. Just smile and keep moving. Who cares Billy drew pictures on the wall with his poo? Let's clean it up and move on.
  4. If they're young enough you might want to stay busy in the AM and then get back in time for a nap.
    The kids not you! Totally jk. I take a nap and my daughters play. Mother of the year I tell you🏆
  5. Parks
    I'm sure there's lots of cool ones around to mess around at. Maybe take a picnic lunch?
  6. Is it nice enough to go to the beach? That's always a fun day.
    You could teach the finer points of building a well thought out sand castle.
  7. Movies
    At a theater or at the house
  8. Pillow forts
    And then watch the movie!!
  9. Masking tape
    You tape in a hallway to make a big spider web. The kids can take turns throwing stuff at it to see what sticks.
  10. Crafts
    Play doh. Water color. Make stuff @joannfabrics should be able to help in this area.
  11. Go swimming
  12. Go to the library
    Out library does events throughout the summer. Magic Shows. Superhero stuff. Maybe yours does too?
  13. I'm sure you will do a great job!!