Inspired by @LevNovak - Who I Want on List- what follows is a sample of Jerry Seinfeld's first list* This is all Jerry and its spectacular
  1. The BO
    How long are these shifts? Can't we get this man a ten minute break for a shower? You're in the back and it's coming through the glass. You're just going: "What in the..."
  2. The Driving
    The funny thing about being in these cabs is that when you're in Manhattan for some reason you don't get scared, no matter how fast the guy goes. Well, you know, he's driving fast and recklessly... but he's a professional.
  3. The License
    He's got a cab driver's license, I can see it right there. I don't even know what it takes to get a cab driver's license. I think all you need is a face. This seems to be their big qualification. No blank heads are allowed driving cabs in this town.
  4. The Name
    Also helps to have a name with like 8 consonants in a row. Did you ever see some of the letters in these names? What is the "O" with a line through it, by the way? What planet is that from? You need a chart of the elements if you wanna report the guy. "Yes, officer, his name was Amal and then the symbol for Boron." "No, it's not Manganese. I had the periodic chart with me at the time."
  5. Oh Jerry, Where Art Thou?