Inspired by @dad3 who always plays his own games
  1. Biggest lie
    Growing up my folks had a sailboat. Brother and I hated it- getting ready for 20-30min. Pack the car. Out on the boat instead of with friends. Hot. Sweaty. So one day when we were out, Dad said we would go home at a certain time. My brother and I set the clocks forward s good hour. "Its time to go in" and when we get to the car and he sees the real time he about shit s brick. Now I would do just about anything to go sailing but as a kid/teenager it wasn't my fav.
  2. Weirdest prank call
    Called relative's in Iowa and told them I was with the Republican Party and wanted to ask a few questions before the caucus. They hung up on me😏
  3. Personally witnessed anything
    After reading the book John Adams and watching the HBO series, I'd like to talk with him. Sure seems like an intelligent fellow. Would be cool also to be around for the Declaration of Independence signing while I'm there.
  4. Any age for a week
    22 was a good year. Just finished college and I'm choosing the week we got married. This is my fav week I think. All of my and husbands aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents would come over each night to hang out. Also my dad died 2 years later. We have video of the toast he gave and that is it. I would take more video and just enjoy my dad in general. I miss him a lot.
  5. Strangest thing eaten
    Neighbors were having a bbq one weekend. They had raw oyster and talked me into tasting it. I am a verrrry picky eater anyway so they must have been pretty persuasive. It just kind of rolled right down my throat all gooey and slimy like. Yuck. I feel like vomiting just thinking of it.
  6. Biggest fear
    I think that something will happen to my children. Addicted to drugs. End up in jail. Or worse. But I know that all I can do is my best with them now. And I try to not think about the future. Just what I can control now.
  7. Walking and hear loud noise I would
    Wonder what's going on. Should I call the police? What can I do if I go over and try to help?
  8. Mountain or beach
    Beach every time. I'm 30 min from the beach and feel like I'm on vacation when we go for the day or just sunset.
  9. Weirdest thing about me
  10. One question for a person in history
    Jesus- when did you realize you would die? Were you scared? What were you thinking?
  11. How I will die
    Peacefully in my sleep just like my grandpa. Not yelling and screaming like the other people in the car.