1. Ever seen a pair of tennis shoes tied together and thrown over a telephone wire?
  2. This is something I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. AT. ALL.
  3. I've heard people say this means a drug dealer lives nearby.
  4. And that the shoes somehow point in the direction of the dealer's house.
  5. That doesn't even make any sense.
  6. A. It would take me like 659 tries to get the pair of shoes over the wire in the first place.
  7. Wouldn't someone notice?
    Maybe the people throwing shoes on a wire don't care if anyone notices? I would assume it's the least of their worries that some passerby saw them throwing their shoes.
  8. 2. How does anyone know what house to go to?
  9. When I see shoes, there is usually like a neighborhood.
    Or at the very least 3-5 houses around.
  10. Is someone knocking at each house to ask if there are drugs available?
    Again, this seems like it would cause suspicion.
  11. I'm not buying it. There must be more to the story.