At daughters ⚽️ practice. This dad nearby told me nay complained about all the stuff his kids are involved in.
  1. Youngest daughter
  2. Soccer
  3. Choir
  4. Odyssey of the Mind
  5. Jump rope club
  6. Older daughter
  7. National Honor Sociey
  8. Track and Field
  9. Soccer
  10. Thespian Club
  11. Something else I can't remember now.
  12. Guys. He works 2 jobs and doesn't have the time to taxi them all over.
    Ummmm. Why are they this involved? Can they cut a couple things out?
  13. Plus he was a witness in a murder trial the other day.
    I told him the trial sounded like a 🎥 Schizophrenic guy dismembered his dad. Now the Schizo is representing himself in court. Isn't that like a movie plot? Or at least a CSI?
  14. Dad said his whole life is a movie and he has so many stories to tell.
  15. I'll 👀🍿 next time to keep you in the loop.