stuff i saw at the beach

  1. cute little horseshoe crab
  2. daughter and nephew
  3. this guy minding his own
  4. what's over here?
  5. ugh why does she keep taking my pic?
  6. i'll show her
  7. bish will never see me up here
  8. baby sand dollars
  9. big mama sand dollars
  10. you can see the gel animal inside. cool huh?
  11. empty shells are almost always separated in my experience. too fragile
  12. these are conch or mollusks- got a little guy in there
  13. found a conch on its side to show you
  14. sand dollar waiting for the tide to come in
  15. another sand dollar- they're all over
  16. little bit of coral
  17. #stayclassy
  18. conch city