1. My youngest daughter was born Tax Day 2009. She wasn't due until June.
  2. My ten year old daughter was 7 weeks early (due February and born Christmas Day) so the doc told me to stay off my feet as much as possible with this one.
  3. When I went to the store, I was to be a hunter. Not a shopper. Get in and get out. Do not take the stairs. Stuff like that.
  4. So I'm 31 weeks along, teaching at school and my water broke. Nothing like the movies- not a waterfall- easy peasy.
  5. Told my students I had a doc apot. Got my stuff and left.
  6. 2 hours later I'm in the hospital with contractions. Not bad just could tell they were there.
  7. Doc said we could wait until tomorrow but hubs and I were like we already have a Christmas baby. Let's have another holiday birthday-Tax Day.
  8. Also you should know father in law is a CPA and husband is working on his CPA exams. So for them it's a really. Big. Deal.
  9. Jenny was born that night and stayed in NiCU for 6 weeks.
  10. God bless the families who are there longer. It's not a picnic that's for shizzle. We couldn't even hold her for the first 2 weeks.
    Look at this cutems
  11. She was totally fine - just little 4lb 3oz and needed more time to grow. The nurses fed her 1ml or maybe it was 5 ml of milk at first. It was like a swallow it was so small whatever it was.
    And the missing 2 front teeth???? I can't even. It's my fav part of this age.
  12. Docs made us bring home a heart monitor for the first year. Jenny had a small hole- since has grown together so no prob. It was a pain tbh bc it beeped all. The. Time.
  13. Not just reg beeping. But 2am call the police beeps.
  14. We never worried about her sleeping at night- SiDS bc with the machine it would tell us if something was wrong.
  15. You'd never know she was so early by looking at her now💙