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    Saturday was the day of the Blue Angel beach air show at Pensacola Beach
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    There were so many people that the parking lots (all 3 of them😫) were full by 5:30am
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    Sometimes people stay the night at the beach in their cars to avoid the traffic
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    People will especially excited to support them this year as one Blue (who flew #6) died during an air show in Tennessee in June.
    Marine Corps Captain Jeff Kuss
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    The people of Pensacola came together and donated money to this mans family.
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    The Blue Angels have people on reserve in case anything happens, so they have been training the last several weeks for the new guy to learn the moves for #6.
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    The show lasts around 40 minutes
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    If you've never seen their show
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    I think 2 of them are flying around by themselves
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    While 4 of them are kind of flying around together
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    One of them ones alone even does a sneak attack where he flies upon the crowd low and from behind that's what she said💥
    Always scares people and a crowd fav. The plane- not that's what she said😂😂
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    Everyone together again.
    When #6 passed away, it was unclear whether the show would be able to go on so soon in July. I'm glad they were able to do it.
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    Well done fellas 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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    http://youtu.be/H6SsB3JYqQg this is a link to a 360deg view from on of the planes.
    My links never seem to work so if it doesn't please search Blue Angels 360. It's cool and worth a minute or two. Promise. Basically wherever you move your phone you can see what the pilot would see. Have no idea how this is filmed and don't care. It's great.