Requested by @BWN_7
Thank you @BWN_7 for helping me relive some memories
  1. A Christmas Story came out when we still lived in Michigan. If you don't remember a main character- Flick- gets his tongue stuck on a pole.
    We moved to Florida when my brother and I were 9 years old.
  2. Maybe I'm one of those I'll believe it when I see it people.
  3. I do have a tendency to want to try stuff myself.
  4. Plus my dad told my brother and I that when people do that the whole tongue freezes and breaks in two like a snake tongue.
    That must've sounded ridiculous so maybe I thought the whole thing was stupid.
  5. The memories are a bit murky, but I remember distinctly thinking that tongue on metal thing must just be something in movies and absolutely no way that could be true.
  6. So I somehow found myself at the high school football stands.
    We lived across the street from the elementary school and just down the street from the high school.
  7. I can't remember if I was by myself but my brother was probably with me.
  8. I stuck my tongue out to touch a metal pole and what'd ya know? That was true after all. Huh.
  9. So brother ran back home to get the folks. Meanwhile I grew bored and just ended up peeling my tongue off. 😝
  10. I think my dad was mad at me bc for some reason i have a memory of him serving hot dogs and ketchup.
    Side note- if your tongue is hurting DO NOT eat ketchup.