Alt titled- ME AT HALF MY AGE VOL 2 inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. So I played soccer in high school. NBD I was a junior and senior on the JV team. But I liked it bc I got to start and played a lot of the game. If I was on varsity I know it wouldn't have been that way.
  2. So at FSU as a bright cheery 18 year old, I thought, "Sure! I can ref intramural soccer. I know how to play. Plus I'll make a little money. What's not to like?"
  3. I sit through the ref class and am all I got this. Easy peasy.
  4. Cut to the first game. I'm on the sidelines for some reason. Not sure now if that is where I was supposed to be.
  5. The players are mostly male grown adults. And they are highly competitive.
  6. The ball goes out right near me. I hesitate and point to the right for that team to have the ball.
  7. The other team gets mad and starts shouting.
  8. So I changed my mind and pointed the other direction.
  9. Now everyone is mad and hollering.
  10. I can't remember how it was resolved. The other ref must have stepped in to help/rescue me.
  11. I don't remember how that game ended or any other games but I'm sure they weren't pretty.
  12. After a while they just pay me to watch. They no longer needed my services as a ref. The whole thing was a bit embarrassing. I never tried it again.
  13. A couple years ago I did coach my daughter's 8year old soccer team. That was more my speed.