Inspired by @joemurphy and @BWN_7
  1. Go back in time and make sure my parents get married so my photo doesn't fade and disappear
  2. Fight El Guapo to make sure the small Mexican Village isn't terrorized by his gang any longer.
  3. Destroy the Ring in fires of Mount Doom.
  4. Go on an adventure to try and save my neighborhood from being bought. Then I won't have to move.
  5. Make a dress for prom because I don't have enough money to buy one.
  6. Help the cute guy at our summer retreat do the end of season dance when his dance partner can't dance anymore.
  7. Give a kick a. speech to inspire everyone to kill aliens on the 4th of July.
  8. Booby trap my house to keep burglars from getting anything.
  9. Just kidding. I can't sew.