Inspired by @BWN_7
  1. Ask their children to snuggle
  2. Jump in front of someone unexpectedly and scream. Just to scare the living day lights out of said person and then laugh and laugh.
  3. Talk with random people at stores or anywhere basically and make a connection in some way.
  4. Wave a fist at stupid drivers
  5. Drive using awesome shortcuts that may or may not be any quicker
  6. Quote Seinfeld
  7. Take pride and joy in driving faster to places than other people
  8. Enjoy naps on Saturday and Sunday
  9. Talk in a loud sing songy voice when making a statement
  10. Holler at the referees and FSU football coach Jimbo Fisher when they make poor decisions
  11. Get super di duper excited for the Olympics
  12. And Presidential elections
  13. Teach their A$$ off with a group of students
  14. Buy plants and water and love and care them for several weeks only for them to die