1. Her teacher was passing out school bucks/tickets as a reward. "Ellie, you have been so proactive this week and following directions. Come up and get 16 bucks. "
    Ellie said, "Oh! Wow! Thank you!" Teacher said, " Sorry, not you. I meant the other Ellie."
  2. At Sunday School the kids were sitting in a circle. Ellie was sitting with a couple girls so it was E+ A + K. The leader was talking about who is your best friend. One girl said her best friend was sitting right next to her.
    Ellie gasped a little. Then the friend said, "Yeah, Katie is such a good friend. She's funny and so creative. We have the best time together."
  3. Luckily my girl is easy going and can laugh at these stories. I hope she never loses that sense of humor.