1. We're watching Top Gun with my daughter- she's 10.
  2. It came out in 1986. My husband and I were 9.
  3. I started to tell her it came out 20 years ago, but then realized it was 30.
  4. I always think the 80s were 20 years ago instead of 30. I don't know which decade I'm trying to forget haha!
  5. Some favorite quotes follow
  6. Your ego is writing checks your body can't cash
  7. If you screw up just this much you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong.
  8. The Pentagon sees to it that I know more than you.
  9. Well ma'am it doesn't seem so does it?
  10. Slider- Crashed and burned huh Mav?
  11. Maverick- Slider 🐰🐰 you stink.
  12. Slider- Goose whose dick did you have to kiss to get in here?
  13. Goose- The list is long but distinguished.
  14. Slider- Yeah well so is my dick.