1. By Name
  2. 3. Destin
    Love the beach what can I say? And Destin is sooo pretty.
  3. 2. Shagaf
    Have no idea what this means but I'm in. Plus it sounds like fun
  4. 1. Danzing Candy
    😍😍Candy. Like I'm the Bubba Buford - from Forrest Gump- of candy. I like Chocolate candy. Candy canes. Nerd candy. Peanut butter candy. Caramel candy. I could go on
  5. By Actual information-
  6. 3. Nyquist
    Has won the last 7 races he ran. Sounds good for me. Some are expecting him to win the whole thing. That makes me nervous but I'll give him #3
  7. 2. Mor Spirit
    First of all Gary Stevens is the jockey. This guy is in the Jockey Hall of Fame- it's not a big Hall- jk. You know cause jockeys are so short. Also Bob Baffert is the trainer. He won last year with American Pharoah so that's good enough for me.
  8. 1. Exaggerator
    This also sounds like a cool name. Was 1st in the Santa Anita Derby.